Cells in Action

A fun mobile game which will give your immune system a kick!

A fun educational game Cells in Action let's you uncover the secrets of human immunity. In ten levels of the game, you will get to know the heroic immune cells with which you will fight against dangerous viruses and bacteria.

The game includes:
- 6 immune cells ready to overcome even the most insidious illnesses,
- 8 malicious viruses and bacteria,
- 10 ailments and diseases against which you must protect your body,
- 10 levels taking place in the environments of skin, lungs, intestines and blood vessels,
- LABdex, which serves as an in-game encyclopedia,
- thematic soundtrack, which perfectly complements the atmosphere of the game,
- no in-app payments.

Cells in Action was created by Impact Games with the financial support of the Slovak Arts Council, the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sports of the Slovak Republic and the Erasmus+ program within the sChOOL Games project. Thanks to these partners for their support! The content of the game does not reflect the views and positions of the funders. The authors of the game are solely responsible for the displayed content.

The Cells in Action game covers the content and performance standards primarily for the subject of biology at primary (ISCED 2A) and secondary schools (ISCED 3A).

More information can be found in the methodical guide to the game.

Cells in Action

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